BEGIN anywhere

When things are unclear and you don’t know how to start, just begin ANYWHERE.

It’s about the process of reaching your goal — either short-term or long-term. Don’t miss out on the beauty of reality by merely recreating the mirage. If you set your goal, don’t wait for the right time to do the first step but take the leap of faith by starting baby step, NOW.

No one is excepted from adversity, even the richest man on earth Elon Musk is no exception. He was bullied when he was young but it didn’t stop him from chasing his dream, it was evident how he went beyond his terrible upbringing but instead, he found his bright escape from technology, then his road to success started from there.

Just a piece of advice, you may be in a difficult situation right now, or facing a terrible pain that you can’t put into words; you might experience betrayal from people you trusted the most, or someone shattered the dreams that you both created. And you feel that life is unfair, well, this is the painful truth. Life is unfair. But it doesn’t mean, you need to stay in the parameter, go beyond the line of unfairness, we can succeed by following a tool. Just hang on there, go beyond your adversity. Start with your plan to reach your goal, begin anywhere.

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